Edward Billie Meier

 ... "You will get the best UFO photos of any human being on this Earth..." said Semjase, Pleidian, to Mr Meier, Swiss farmer and spiritual guru.
The photographs produced by this one-armed man have been 'triangulated' to find the size of the 'beamships' in relation to the ground. The location in the sky is in an area where it is windy and no model could hang there. I think it is likely that the rumours of models found in the attic and spoken of by Poppi, Billie's wife, may have been a reaction to the intensity of the relationship with Semjase, who was not Billie's only spiritual guide.
The following images show a structure above the ship, like a head, possibly used for viewing. It looks pharoanic, and when processed through thermal computerisation (which is a colour process in the video "Contact" on Billie Meier by Genesis III and Captain Wendelle Stevens) it can be seen that different perspectives are possible - a monkey with facial expressions and an elephant like Ganesha Chaturdhi.


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